Ten Ideas to Make a Million Dollars Online

The Internet Marketing community and Marketers are yet trying to invent unique ideas to repeat Alex’s success of Milliondollarhomepage.com Inspired by Alex’s success, Mill Bucks realized that the Internet had a lot more to offer and took the challenge of coming up with crazy, yet simple million-dollar ideas. Mill Bucks, an Internet Entrepreneur, has recently launched a website Milliondollarschool.com where he shares his ideas to make a million dollars online quickly. On his website, Mill presents his Paper on “10 Ideas to Make a Million Dollars Online”. Starting March 15, 2006, Mill would think of one idea that can make a million bucks over the internet in a short period of time. This way he would have a collection of unique ideas to make money on the Internet. One thing he knew for sure was that a quick million-dollar idea had to be a crazy one. He even tested one of his ideas which made him richer by $3234.24 in just 3 days. The test idea is included in the Million Dollar Paper.

He realized that he had cracked the code with the first idea itself by earning $1000 in one single day. This wasn’t new, but just the fact that it came from one of the whacky ideas from my MILLION DOLLAR PAPER was thrilling. The best part is that this idea can be replicated repeatedly. So using this idea, a million bucks can be made in 6 months if replicated 5 times. Each idea is presented in a simple, easy to grasp manner. Most of the ideas can be implemented at minimal costs or even at zero cost. Mill also presents proof of his earnings from the test idea on his website. The MILLION DOLLAR PAPER is prized reasonably for $47. Check out his Million Dollar School website and judge for yourself.

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