The 58 best iPhone photos of 2018

Jashim Salam - Bangladesh, Grand Prize Winner, Photographer of the Year

Its been 10 years since Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone and things have never been the same. Uber, Whatsapp, and countless other apps which we cannot imagine spending a day without all owe their genesis to the iPhone. In the past decade, the iPhone has also completely revolutionized the photography industry, starting with the original iPhone which packed a humble 2 megapixel camera to the current dual lens 12 megapixel camera on the iPhone X which is touted as a DSLR replacement. Started in 2007, the iPhone photography awards have been showcasing talented photographers and inspiring others that you do not need an expensive camera set up to shoot a great photo.

For the 2018 iPhone photography awards thousands of photos were submitted from 140 countries. The above photo was the grand prize winner, shot with an iPhone 7 by Jashin Salam it shows the Rohingya children watching a film about health and sanitation in Bangladesh. Here are the 58 best photos from across the 16 categories, its interesting to note that the majority of winning photos were not shot on the iPhone X but on the iPhone 7S and 6S.

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Alexandre Weber – Switzerland
1st Place, Photographer of the Year

Huapeng Zhao – China
2nd Place, Photographer of the Year

Zarni Myo Win – Myanmar
3rd Place, Photographer of the Year

Glenn Homann – Australia
1st Place – Abstract

Edwin Loyola – Philippines
2nd Place – Abstract

Jedrzej Franek – Poland
3rd Place – Abstract

Robin Robertis – United States
1st Place – Animals

Katie Wall – United Kingdom
2nd Place – Animals

Erica Wu – Taiwan
3rd Place – Animals

Massimo Graziani – Italy
1st Place – Architecture

KuangLong Zhang – China
2nd Place – Architecture

Nasra Al Sharji – Oman
3rd Place – Architecture

Melisa Barrilli – Canada
1st Place – Children

Dina Alfasi – Israel
2nd Place – Children

Savadmon Avalachamveettil – Ireland
3rd Place – Children

Alison Helena – United States
1st Place – Floral

Zhendi Zhang – United States
2nd Place – Floral

Hongjun Ge – China
3rd Place – Floral

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