The influencer mania continues – A Young Taiwanese woman streamed herself sleeping, over 10,000 people tuned in and paid her $3,000 as well

The internet was always a weird place, and unsurprisingly it only keeps getting weirder by the minute. At least that’s what a recent incident involving a popular Taiwanese streamer proves. Wang Yiming, a former member of the Chinese-Malaysian pop group AMOi-AMOi, is well-known in Taiwan. Still, she recently sparked controversy on Asian social media Twitch by simply streaming herself sleeping for five hours to thousands of her fans. It is astonishing to see thousands tuning in to watch a person do nothing but sleep. Of course, they must be curious to see why Wang replaced her usual desk with her bed, and instead of playing video games and chatting with her fans, she decided to try something new. She logged into her Twitch account at around 5 pm and slept till about 10 pm. On waking up, Wang was also overwhelmed to find that she attracted tens of thousands of viewers, with a peak of 11,200 concurrent viewers. She also managed to generate an estimated $3,000 in revenue from donations alone, plus the advertising revenue according to the number of people tuned in.

Now comes the part where we start wondering why so many people found this content interesting. Were they waiting to see if she really was sleeping? Waiting for her to give up the act and start playing? Or they truly enjoyed indulging in vanity, like commenting on her sleeping position, whether she had her mouth open, etc. Either way, this creates a lot of hope for people who want to become an Internet sensation, but on everything expect plain talent.

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