The times we are in – 19 yr old woman is selling her virginity for $111,000 so she can travel the world and experience luxury

You got it, you flaunt it or in some cases you got it, you sell it! That’s exactly what 19-year-old Ukrainian woman Katya, who is now settled in the United States plans on doing. She has her virginity intact and she intends on selling it. Obviously, in a world where bags and gizmos sell for thousands of dollars, virginity won’t come cheap. Originally named Ukrainian Ekaterina, it is listed at Katya on Cinderella Escorts. Her aim in doing this is to travel the world, live a life pumped with luxury and moolah and be happy. Well, if only money could buy happiness but such misconstrued notions are expected of people as young as her. She may be young but she certainly isn’t stupid as she plans to sell her virginity, which has allegedly been verified by a doctor, for no less than £84,120 ($1, 10,543). That certainly is enough to do what she intends to with this virginity sale. Her future is quite well-thought-of too, as Katya would also like a sugar daddy and expects him to pay her £8,400 ($11000) a month.

The notorious website features the petite, 5 feet 3 inches Katya in a video talking about her idea, “The reason that I want to sell my virginity on Cinderella Escorts is that I would like to travel, experience luxury and live my life and be happy. At the end of the day, this is my body, this is my choice and this is what I have decided to do.” There’s no info on bids or interested customers, but should there be one, the meeting takes place in Germany where prostitution is legal. The buyer can pick a hotel of his choice and also confirm virginity from a doctor of choice as huge amounts of money are involved.