The most expensive vodka in the world is the aptly named ‘Billionaire Vodka,’ priced at $3.7 million. This luxury 5-liter bottle is encrusted with 3,000 diamonds.

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Vodka is probably as important as water to Russians and others in the world. But it is hardly seen as an opulent drink. Designer Leon Verres will soon change that perception as the Leon Verres Luxury Group is all set to come out with the world’s most expensive vodka for selected premium bars in the world. After doling out the popular Le Billionaire Champagne way back in 2009 for $2.75 million per bottle, the Billionaire Vodka is not for those with weak-wallets, as it just gets more expensive with its $3.7 million price tag! The bottle would contain 5 liters of the “clearest and smoothest Russian vodka” and comes studded with 3,000 shimmering white diamonds.

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As for the distillation process, it is done by “running crystal-clear water and the finest wheat over millions of dollars’ worth of diamonds.” The bottle will be presented to you wrapped in white faux fur, finished with a chapka cap. If you don’t want 5 liters of vodka at your disposal, you can opt for half-liter bottles of the “diamond-filtered” vodka instead. The first set is touted to be presented in violet-tinted heavy glass bottles that will sport a Swarovski crystal-embellished logo. Click here for details.

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