The perfect mobile service provider, does it exist?

Mobile phones are a necessity in today’s busy world and have become an integral part of our society. Zeroing down on a good handset to fit in my budget and cater to my needs wasn’t tough. However, figuring out the best service provider and plan was a nightmare. When I got my cell, I hooked up to a renowned service provider recommended by a friend. I had paid up only for a 3 months contract with them, and I am glad about it as their network connectivity turned out to be poor and their customer service was worse. How was I supposed to check mobile phone coverage provided by them in my area? My calls kept dropping all the time! There were dead spots and low signal strengths areas almost all over my house and everywhere I went. It was impossible to connect except for one dark corner near the stairs.

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I was almost using my cell phone as a fixed landline by using that one good-signal spot. When I had several conversations with them about switching services, they ensured that this would not happen as they improved the connectivity. I had also asked them to change my plan to a lesser one, especially because I could not make calls most of the time. They responded by saying that I will have to sign another 3-month contract to do so. Why would I waste my money to extend my time with a cell phone company with such bad service? However, I survived those 3 months and have now hooked up to a much better cellular service provider. Thankfully my calls don’t drop anymore, and I am connected to my friends and family 24/7.
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