The world’s most expensive broom uses dollar bills instead of bristles

Thanks to the recent recession and economic woes, money seems to be on everybody’s mind. While some people are glorifying the use of money, Artist Mark Wagner has come out with a concept based on how currency is now being wasted away. Touted to be the world’s most expensive broom, it has been conceptualized using hundreds of shredded dollar bills. After seeing currency origami, and then the bag full of shredded currency, this doesn’t shock me one bit. The broom design is really uncomplicated; just rolled up dollar bills fixed on a broom’s base instead of commonly found plastic bristles. That’s not the only artistic touch, though.

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The artist has also taken the pains to arrange the dollar rolls at the front of the broom to give it an “elongated” dollar bill feel, with “George Washington’s iconic portrait stretched over five rolls of shredded bills“. The way the world is was going, and I guess it’ll make for a perfect entry into any museum in the world!
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