The world’s most expensive Liquor – D’ Amalfi Limoncello Supreme

Cheers! The king of bling breaks his (brief) hiatus by raising a toast to world’s most expensive liquor. Stuart Hughes is the name responsible to jazz up almost every existing thing around us and deliver it in its most expensive avatar. Exclusively designed bottle of D’ Amalfi Limoncello Supreme outshines with three single cut flawless diamonds that total up to 13 cts on the neck. The body contains one of the world’s rarest diamonds which is sized 18.5 cts. The spirit contained in this dazzling bottle is invented by Italy’s Antica Distilleria Russo. Only two such bottles were created of which one was commissioned for an unidentified lady from Italy and other one is waiting to reach your home bar for a price of £27 million ($43.6 million).
Roll over to know about the details of the contents of the world’s most expensive liquor. ……

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Typical Liquor of the old tradition of Campania region, made by infusion in alcohol of peels of lemons from the stunning famous Amalfi Coast.
Aromatic ,it expresses completely the wonderful fragrance of this unique fruit.
Liqueur with a clear taste .It confirms the characteristic smell.
Yellow in the color with greenish reflections it takes the characteristics of essential oils present in the lemon peels. Therefore any possible sediment in it indicates only the naturalness of the product.
While the rest of us can raise a toast over the weekend with either beer, vodka, wine, champagne or scotch collection from our bar corners!