The world’s most expensive Monopoly game on display

I used to love playing monopoly as a kid; it meant family time with a healthy competitive spirit. But for some people, it seems to be more than a mere board game, ask jeweler Sidney Mobell. After hearing about a Monopoly tournament in London in 1988, Mobell after seeking the permission of the orginal makers, the Parker Brothers crafted one in hard gold and precious gems. The world’s most expensive Monopoly game at $2 million will go on display at the Museum of American Finance. The dice with 42 full-cut diamonds signifying the numbers is priced at $10,000. The board game also features the photo etched “Chance” and “Community Chest” cards along with 165 gemstones in total.

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An ounce of gold which cost between $360 and $460 when it was first crafted costs over $1,300 an ounce. The board game has been played on just once in a game between the maker and former British Prime Minster Edward Heath. Mobell also has other jewelry encrusted board games to his name including backgammon, dominos and chess sets.
[WSJ And Pursuitist]

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