Therapeutic Aquarium survives on a symbiotic loop

The Visentin’s LED light shower used chromo therapy to provide therapeutic experiences to the users. Now the Aquaponic therapeutic indoor display makes use of aquaponics to offer calming experiences to the punters. The indoor display system consists of a fish tank and a vegetable planter, which are connected by pipes. It utilizes the fish waste as nutrients for the plants, in a symbiotic closed-loop cultivation system. This kind of system helps in two ways – the fish excreta is converted into fertilizer for the plants by bacteria; and the water, thereby stays clean for longer periods of time.

Created by A.A.C., an aquarium production company, the indoor display is brightly lit so that it provides enough light for the plants and also to view the sublime aquatic animals swimming around. The display has been designed with soothing curves to provide a great viewing experience and corners have been eliminated to provide safety. It is available to purchase for $3,800 and N.I. Teijin Shoji who created the model said custom based designs would also be available

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