This amazing exhibition dedicated to color is coming to New York

An art exhibition that’s dedicated to color is coming to New York. The big apple may be all about grey sidewalks and glass buildings, but the collaborative exhibition called the Color Factory promises to inject some vivid brightness into NYC.

After a wildly stint in San Francisco (which was supposed to last 4 weeks but was stretched to 8 months!) the Color Factory will bring their technicolor vibes to a 20,000-square-foot space at 251 Spring Street, Soho.

Both local and national artists will participate in the project which will be inspired by the colors of the city. In fact, the experience doesn’t end at the exhibition, attendees will be given an NYC neighborhood map, which invites them to explore more than 20 color experiences located throughout downtown Manhattan.

Tickets for the event are available for purchase for $38, and the operating hours are Thursday through Tuesday from 10am to 11pm. If the San Francisco popularity is anything to go by, this event will sell out fast!

Just think of all the photo opportunities!


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