This couple beats all wedding venues by getting married in a Porsche showroom

Now this is definitely a first and as creative as weddings can get. When I saw the pictures I was blown away at this couple’s choice of a wedding venue. They had their wedding in a Porsche showroom and it was every bit as as classy and elegant as the car.

When the couple asked Champion Porsche, a Florida dealership if they could have their wedding there, the dealership said yes to this unique event. They originally planned to take the cars out of the room, but the couple insisted on keeping a few cars on display and rightfully so for it turned out to be such a unique and classy affair. The showroom was done tastefully in white, gold and grey with a few Porsche’s adding to the glamour. We’ve heard of props at weddings, but Porsche’s as props? Simply amazing!

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No guesses what car is this couple’s favorite.


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