This ludicrously priced 4-ply toilet paper is the ultimate luxury for your bottoms

Those with a penchant for luxury can sometimes go a little too far as did the makers of a brand-new toilet paper at Quilted Northern Luxury. The new offering promises to please your bottoms with a feathery soft touch as you relieve yourself each morning. If this doesn’t sound stupid as yet, wait till you hear its asking price. Marked at ridiculous $8.99 for a pack of six mega rolls (equaling to about 24 regular rolls), this could just make the most ridiculous purchase of your life!

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Apparently, the novel offering is made with four silky-soft layers of paper that promise extra cushioning for your tooshies. Although touted to be sewer-safe and septic-safe, the tissue roll is certainly anticipated to clog pipes thanks to its four-layered make. For being ludicrously priced, the paper does come in a Quilted Northern Luxury tin can – an add-on that even then fails to justify its heavy price tag.

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If you’re in a mood to splurge though, head on to the official Quilted Northern Luxury website and give your bottoms a treat of a lifetime! Although the 4-ply paper is currently under development, subscribing to it on the website will open you to upcoming promotional deals and updates on its launch. Although we give this one a pass, the 4-ply toilet paper could make a great friend for your toosh! Try it out and let us know!


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