This ultra-luxurious towel costs more than an iPhone

I love the fancy ways of the ultra-rich people who have copious amounts of money to highlight every corner of their lives and homes. By this I mean you often see lavish candelabras, sculptures as unique as they come, and paintings that are centuries old and priced. In such homes, one can gladly make space for something as regal as the ‘Kurlisuri Throw’. Don’t dismiss it as just a throw, cause believe me you will be throwing (pun intended) a big bunch of money to get this softness in your living or bedroom. It can be compared to the other masterpieces of a home as the Kurlisuri throw is sustainably made from alpaca, wool, and linen. This incredibly soft and luxurious throw was made by artisans using traditional Belgium methods while using only the best Linen yarns from Belgian fields.

Liberally sized (69″ x 51″) the Kurlisuri throw features stitching at the ends and adds a majestic charm to any sofa or bed in your space. Now comes the part where the main fact is revealed, the Kurlisuri throw retails for $950.00 and yes it does cost more than an iPhone.

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[Available at:AmberInteriorDesign]

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