This is what $300 billion worth of gold looks like

Okay, I admit it, while I am no fan of bling, I have always dreamt of owning a huge stash of gold. Probably a basement full of gold bars and biscuits, just like the movies. While I never put a figure on it, today, I can proclaim that I’d like $300 billion worth of gold, courtesy of these latest images from the Bank of England’s vault. While I had no idea what $300 billion worth of gold would look like, I must say I am quite impressed with the result. In fact, this is one stash of bling I would love to call my own.

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The gold bars weighing 4,600 tons in totality are stored in an old canteen deep below the capital streets. The 28lb 24-carat gold bars are stacked on simple blue shelves beneath strip lighting, as is seen in the images. Different marks on the gold bars help distinguish the gold sources, i.e., foreign governments or the country’s own. This vault’s walls are still adorned with posters from the 1940s when this place was used as a canteen.
These gold bars are sure to be a welcome sight to the citizens of England who can breathe a sigh of relief over the country’s financial situation.
Three-foot long keys are needed to unlock the doors to this treasure trove; so those planning a midnight raid had better think again.
[Daily Mail]

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