Tom Hanks Movie Draws $100 Million Again..and Again..and Again..

Tom Hanks aged 50 nevertheless continues to get support from universal moviegoers. Guinness World Records announced yesterday that Hanks has won the title of Actor with Most Consecutive $100 Million-Grossing Movies, having had seven big box-office films in a row. Thomas J. Hanks unanimously know as Tom Hanks has appeared in seven consecutive films that hit the $100 million mark between 1998 and 2002, starting with “Saving Private Ryan” and wrapping with “Catch Me If You Can,” Guinness announced in a news release. The actor has had a total of 14 films that pulled in a domestic gross of more than $100 million and the streak would have been 11 if not for the 1996 film, “That Thing You Do,” which grossed only $25.8 million. With the opening this month of the blockbuster “The Da Vinci Code,” based on the best selling book by Dan Brown, Hanks may be on his way to shattering his own record and setting that bar at an unreachable level.

Having first become known on the 1980 TV comedy Bosom Buddies, Tom Hanks now shares another record with some of Hollywood’s greatest leading men including Jack Nicholson and Dustin Hoffman. In addition to his latest Guinness World Record, Hanks shares a previous record with seven other actors for “Most Oscars Won, Best Actor.” Spencer Tracy and Tom Hanks are also the only two actors to receive their Best Actor Oscars in consecutive years.

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