Top 10 high-tech vehicles

Enthusiastic readers will be fascinated by the amazing features of the high-tech vehicles we have dug up. As our varied modes of transportation get faster and larger, people are starving for more high-techie ones. Most of us will never have the opportunity to travel on a number of these vehicles though! We all dream of the day when we could arrive at the office through the window in a blizzard of flying paper and jet exhaust! Just imagine how cool your kids would think you are when you pick them up at the park-n-ride in a personal zeppelin? Whether you want to expand your taste for opulence beyond your gadget repertoire or just dream of a garage filled with high-tech vehicles; this list is for you.
1. Rinspeed Splash– After his recent entry into the Guinness Book of World Records for crossing the English Channel in 3 hours 14 minutes with the amphibious Rinspeed Splash, CEO Frank Rinderknecht said, “We Swiss are not just good at making chocolate; we can also build the fastest hydrofoil vehicle in the world!” Frank wasn’t lying. With a 140-horsepower two-cylinder engine, the Rinspeed Splash can go from 0 to 60 in 5.9 seconds and cruise on water at about 45 knots — a pinnacle of land/water travel. Although the good folks at Rinspeed have vowed the vehicle is not for sale, we know what they say here in America, “everyone has a price.”

2. Gold-Plated PorscheStraight from the gold city itself, Pforzheim, Germany, comes the limited-edition gold-plated Porsche. Every major interior and an exterior component of this car, from rims to door handles, has been meticulously surfaced with 22-karat gold.
3. Subeo Aquarius: Underwater Sports Car- Are you tired of sitting in clogged and dimly lit tunnels on your way to the downtown office? Well, a specialist engineering company called Subeo is here to ease your daily commute with the Aquarius, the world’s first underwater sports car. Traveling at a speed of about 7 knots, The Aquarius will take you to a maximum depth range of 328 feet and carries the requisite life support for about 74 hours. For the modest price of $1.5 million, you own this water-car.
4. Tesla Roadster
5. Sky Yacht
6. Personalized Jet Pack
7. Badokadonk Personal Tank
8. Chimera All-Terrain Vehicle
9. MDI Compressed-Air Car
10. Unnamed Balloon Car from Belarus
Now that we’ve drooled over the Top 10 high-tech vehicles, it’s time to stop playing Trump and return to this thing called “reality.”