Top ten of America’s most expensive colleges

At the end of the day, good education in a reputed institute ensures that you have a well paid job for life. If you think college education is overrated, you are just about to discover how much! Forbes has come out with a list of the most high priced colleges across the country. The data has been collaborated and calculated with assistance from the Center for College Affordability & Productivity, Washington and the National Center for Education Statistics, that comes from the government, which takes into account costs like tuition fees, room and board, books, transportation and mandatory computers. Here is a list of the top 10 most expensive colleges all over America.
10. The last on the top ten is the Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut, that offers seats at $42,084 with a total cost of $56,341, thanks to a 9:1 student: faculty ratio.

9. Making it to the penultimate position of the list is the Northwestern University, Evanston, IL that charges tuition fees of $40,223 with a total cost of $56,406.
8. Next up is the Fordham University, Bronx, N.Y. that charges tuition fees of $39,967 with total costs coming to $56,454.
7. Getting into Georgetown University, Washington D.C. will cost you $40,203 in tuition with total cost coming to $56,485.
6. Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn will cost you $38,952 in tuition fees with a total cost of $56,634 that houses 6,000 undergraduates.
5. A seat in Columbia University, N.Y., will cost you $45,290 tuition fees and a total cost of $56,681.
4. Washington University, St. Louis that charges $41,992 tuition fees with total cost of $56,930.
3. The New School: Rounding up the top three is the New School, N.Y., with tuition fees of $37,610 at total fees coming to $57,199. This collection of colleges at Manhattan requires to pay up $4,000 in expenses for books, supplies and costs like travel and meals. While the average financial aid is as low as $11,355 because foreign students end up paying the entire chunk.
2. University of Chicago: Located close to the Lake Michigan, the college has set its tuition fees to a staggering $42,041 that brings the total cost to $57,590. However, there is a healthy 65% of the students who get an average of $27,460 as help with fees. That’s what you call an expensive college with a heart!
1. Sarah Lawrence College: The most expensive college in America is located at Bronxville, N.Y. the tuition fees at the Sarah Lawrence College $45,212 with the total cost coming to a staggering $58,334. The arts college boasts of a 9:1 student/faculty ratio which translates to 1,300-undergraduates currently pursuing their courses.

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