Toraño celebrates 90 years of flourishing Cigar business

If you happen to have the thing for cigars, the Toraño family is the first brand that would come on your mind. Cherishing 90 years of the flourishing business, the family came out with its newest baby called the limited-edition Noventa cigar. The cigars are made from five-year-old Nicaraguan tobacco from their farms in Nicaragua. The cigars are aged in reserve until they reach their peak and have a wrapper and binder of Habano Nicaragua with a filler of Pueblo Nuevo, Esteli, Jalapa, and Condega (Nicaraguan Regions). It was reported that Toraño rendered a big incentive for retailers to order the cigars, they offered the first 200 accounts a large, custom-made display humidor. It had partnered with designer Michael Giordano of Quality Importers and surfaced the exotic humidor. The next thing that carries the fruits of partnership is the top glass portion to display three boxes of Noventa. The middle portion has three lockable drawers that hold 25 cigars in individual slats and the bottom portion is a storage cabinet that can hold up to 14 cigar boxes.

Noventa Cigars can fill up your senses with exoticism with a starting price of $10 each.

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