Video – A refrigerator that dispenses Louis Vuitton shaped ice cubes!

Louis Vuitton Ice

I would like to ask Louis Vuitton fans how much do they really love the luxury brand? Is their love set in stone? Do they have unwavering faith in the brand’s awesomeness? Have they reached a point in their life where they can’t imagine using anything that doesn’t hold the LV monogram? If that doesn’t stand true in your case then your love for LV means nothing compared to the tik-toker who made a video featuring LV shaped ice cubes featured on the Rich Kids of the Internet Instagram account. This immediately reminded me of Virgin Atlantic Airways stint many years ago when they served ice-cubes shaped as the decapitated head of Sir Branson. LV aficionados are surely losing their minds over this crazy innovation and a true fan wouldn’t prefer their coke (or even water) any other way! The fan clearly went through a lot of trouble of modifying and creating the ice tray to dispense branded monogram ice cubes.

I think many brands will now look at this as the next great idea resulting in cool collaborations, pun intended, between luxury and tech brands. For now, I can’t imagine a better day than wearing a Louis Vuitton dress, nestled in a chair, scrolling through Instagram while sipping chilled Coke filled with LV shaped ice cubes. Can you think of anything better?

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