Video – A struggling 89 year old Papa John’s pizza delivery driver gets the surprise of his life when a TikTok influencer hands him a $12,000 tip

Acts of kindness should never go unnoticed. Do you remember the incident involving a Starbucks barista from San Diego receiving nearly $80,000 in tips after standing his ground to not serve an ignorant, mask-less woman? Something similar took place recently, with an 89-year-old Papa John’s pizza delivery driver and popular TikTok creator Carlos Valdez. The story goes that 89 year old Derlin Newey works 30 hours a week to make some extra money because his monthly bills cost more than his social security covers. He regularly delivers pizzas to Carlos Valdez and his family and every once in a while enjoys a friendly conversation with the clan. The Valdez’s posted these endearing conversation to their TikTok page, where it quickly went viral; especially Derlin’s “Hello, are you looking for some pizza?” line. Many people felt sorry about an octogenarian working so hard to make ends meet as did Valdez who then came up with the idea to start a fundraiser for the elderly worker.

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The TikTok star set up the fundraiser via Venmo, and people all across the country sent through donations. Valdez raised $12,069 in the span of several days. Newey was filled with tears of joy on receiving so much love and help even though he knows nothing about TikTok, and lives alone in a mobile home. It’s heartening to see the TikTok community lighten not just our days but also someone’s financial loads.

[Via: Fox23]

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