Video – An Indian youngster zipping around in his Porsche convertible amidst the lockdown was made to do sit-ups as punishment by the cops

These times have taught us two things; we can’t take the rules, precautions, and mandate of social distancing lightly. And secondly, if we do we might as well be ready for the repercussions which could range from fines, jail, or even sit-ups holding your sorry ears. That’s exactly what took place in India as a youngster decided to take his convertible sports car out for a spin amidst the coronavirus lockdown and it did not end well. A video emerged of the young man without a mask, being made to do sit-ups while holding his ears by a member of the Municipal Security Committee in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The 20-something youngster was seen zipping around his high-end yellow Porsche despite lockdown rules clearly stating the only time people should be stepping out is if they are essential service workers or they need to avail essential services such as food and medicine. The mask-less male has been identified as Sanskar Daryani the son of the city’s Asha Confectionary owner Deepak Daryani.

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The boy wouldn’t have imagined this kind of effect of coronavirus, something that even the presence of a curfew pass and driving license, couldn’t avoid. Sit-ups he did, being an obedient citizen towards the orders of the security official with a stick in hand. If he had enough gumption to not get out for a recreational drive it would’ve spared him the humiliation too. The family, however, hasn’t taken this well and has reportedly filed a complaint with the police against the civilians for enforcing traffic law and punishing his son. Netizens are siding with the cop, some with a smile and a laugh.

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[Via: Gulf News]

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