A $100,000 violin was found dumped near a trash can in Paris

You’ve got to do it with style if you want to do it the French way.! However, proving that the Parisians can sometimes take it too far is the news of a rather pricey violin that was found lying next to a trash bin in the city. Yes, that’s right!

Belonging to a member of the Orchestre des Champs-Elysées, the violin was valued at $1,05,252 approximately. It belongs to Enrico Tedde, a member of the Orchestre des Champs Elysées, who presumed it to be lost when he was by train between Poitiers and Paris in November last year.

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Despite his best efforts, the instrument could not be traced. And just when he’d given up all hope, the violin was found a few months ago in perfect condition by a woman passing by it near the Porte de Clignancourt.

The precious instrument dates back to the late 19th century and is signed by the famous Venetian violin maker Giulio Degani. Commenting on it, Enrico Tedde said, “The lady noticed it on the sidewalk. She waited minutes to see if it was someone’s. She eventually took it home”.

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He further added, “[It] is a bit dirty, slightly peeled off, [and] the bridge [is] a bit displaced.” However, Enrico is hardly complaining.

The woman who found the stolen treasure refused to accept a reward for her help; she will be attending the celebrations of Orchestre des Champs-Elysées’s 30th anniversary on May 15th for no fee. As they say, all is well, that ends well!

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