Vogue falls prey to the evil hands of marketing, launches Vogue VIP

When you hear of limited editions, you would think of a bottle of fragrance, a fine pen, or a branded bag, not a magazine subscription. But like the constant metamorphosis, we see happening daily these days, as compared to eras before, this bit of information is also true. Vogue is offering a special edition for its ‘VIP’ clientele. Subscribers who pay $200 can enjoy one year of all-access subscription to Vogue, a six-month gift subscription to Vogue to share, The 2016 Met Gala Special Issue, FB live Q&As with Vogue editors Selby Drummond and Virginia Smith (and others) and also a limited edition Clare V. clutch.

This offer is only for ‘friends of Vogue’ now and will be open to the public later. If at all. It is not a big secret that print titles face the brunt of the internet and paperless technology. But going to this extent to attract readers is a little insane. It is like killing crocodiles to please the queen with a leather bag. This kind of promotion not only demeans the title, but it also throws ink over the fine reputation it has held so far, being enticed by the evil arms of marketing monsters. The world exclusive is the most common thing today. Everyone wants to offer everything exclusive that it is just all in our face now, and I think many share my opinion. In certain parts of India, we have dishes made of all the vegetables grown in our garden. Cooked together in spices to form a one-pot dish. That is what the world is becoming now. A pot of ideas, trends, industries, sectors mixed in a lot of corporate stock. Easy to make you sick in the stomach.

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And what about the very concept of reading? Those who love to read will read irrespective of people throwing branded goodies on our faces. If they put in half the amount of effort they do with these PR drives to help the magazine’s content, they can get back a good amount of readership they have lost.

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And Vogue is Vogue at the end of the day. Legends don’t require “PR.”

[ Via : Fashionista ]

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