Volkswagen Australia has built the smallest auto dealership in the world

We may relate to 2020 as the pandemic year, but many years down the line, it will be known as the year of innovation. COVID-19 has been disastrous for families, businesses, and life in general, but you can’t ignore its teachings of ‘less is more.’ People have learned to live within their homes’ confines and are now accustomed to getting everything at their doorstep, including cars! Like numerous other countries, Australians have also frequently turned to online shopping in 2020. As a matter of fact, Volkswagen Australia has greatly benefitted from this trend, having sold over 460 cars online to the value of AUD$36 million (roughly $26million) since April and are in for a ‘big’ change- the world’s smallest car dealership. Its innovation at its best proving that necessity truly is the mother of all inventions as the miniature dealership stands 28cm tall, featuring an impressive Augmented Reality (AR) experience to bring an online showroom to consumers. This feature will allow customers to ‘try on’ and then fully customize and buy a new car without leaving their homes. This custom-built AR technology is a completely immersive experience that enables users to test out the lights, open and close the doors, look into and interact with the interiors for both of the new small SUVs – T-Roc and T-Cross. News is that after the launch of this new online sales initiative for the T-Cross and T-Roc SUVs, more cars will follow soon. Consumers can arrange a test drive or buy online all in one place.

Jason Bradshaw, Chief Customer and Marketing Officer for Volkswagen Australia, said, “Many people wouldn’t think that Aussies are prepared to buy a car online, but they actually are, and the success of our online store is a testament to that. The launch of Volkswagen’s smallest dealership and AR experience is all about making buying a car online easier and more convenient so Aussies can find, test out, and then customize the perfect car for them.”

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