When luxury gets stupid – Designer fire extinguishers

There is a lot that can be said about the world and the diminishing wit of the people living in it. And giving us a compelling nudge to start off here is the firm by the name of Safe-T, that recently introduced the one thing that was missing from planet earth – a line of fancy Designer fire extinguishers. If you possess heap loads of money to burn and have had the spare time to focus on the aesthetics of your lackluster fire quenchers, this item may make some sense to you, at least.

Coming in all sorts of designs that range from a wine bottle, ketchup bottle, cigar wrapper, tomato soup can, strawberry jam, and camouflage, these designer fire extinguishers promise to add some zing that was missing from your kitchen spaces all this while. Because relying on fancy tableware or décor up-dos for the same is so passé! If this isn’t enough, the intelligently thought out safety tools blend so well with your kitchen style that you may almost forget to use them in case of an actual fire! (Talk about being multi- purposed!)

Even though we may debate the actual use of these fire extinguishers to put off the one thing they were born to do, their ability to fool someone looking for ketchup with a whiff of compressed chemical is worth noting! If kitchen aesthetics bother you beyond painful and reasonable limits or if you are looking at playing a practical ketchup-y joke on your pals, you can think of purchasing the Safe -T fire quenchers for $99 each. Though we recommend you spend that money for some mental recuperation instead.


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