World’s most expensive blowdry launched at Harrods

Planning to give your mane a treat like never before? Well, you could visit the Urban Retreat at Harrods for the World’s Most Expensive Blowdry! A perfect and magnificent way to pamper your locks and tresses, the blowdry was created to celebrate the arrival of Ultimate haircare brand Truffle by Fuente in the UK, and includes the use of a shampoo and condition with a revolutionary hair product which uses White Truffle Skin, diamond dust, and meteorite extracts! Though out-of-the-box, these contents in the products use react intelligently with different hair types, suiting just about every hair type! And as for the pricing, the shampoo costs £175 while the set with the conditioner costs £275, while the blowdry including these two costs about £320 ($510).

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