World’s most expensive egg roll served to support marine life

While opulent food lovers love exotic meats on their plate, Chef Jack Lee Catering, from Los Angeles culinary firm Chinoise Cuisine has decided to put his foot down. In a bid to “support ocean sustainability” they have taken off shark fin from all their dishes, including the flagship $100 Lobster Egg Roll. This makes way for the world’s most expensive egg roll, priced at $100. This new spin-off will feature a “Maine lobster tail, Alaskan king crab, summer black truffle, julienned nagaimo, baby carrot, and wild baby taro root”. The dish is finished with a “crown of Sveruga caviar, gold leaf with a fresh raspberry and 2009 Dry Creek Sauvignon Blanc reduction dipping sauce”.

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Chef Lee added, “Shark fin has long been a popular delicacy in Chinese culture. As ocean predators, sharks play an essential role in the marine ecosystem. For this reason, we are happy to have found a more environmentally friendly yet equally delicious way to make our famed Lobster Egg Roll.”

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