World’s Most Expensive Restaurants

The eating-out market is growing globally. The average international consumer is eating more expensively. The audience for dining is becoming more and more sophisticated. We decided to find out where the best, and most expensive, of these restaurants are. And what are people eating, once they get inside these culinary chapels, where dinner for two can easily run into the thousands of pounds, dollars, or euros? It’s increasingly surprising to know that Japan is topping the list! The rates quoted are meant for dinner for one only. Tokyo: Aragawa: $368 – This stately steak house in Tokyo’s Shinbashi district is famed for its beef–in fact, steak is the only entrée it serves. The restaurant works exclusively with one farm and serves its steaks with pepper and mustard only.

Second, on the list is Paris: Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée: $231 – The most recently opened of Alain Ducasse’s three restaurants, located in one of Paris’ grandest hotels, has only 50 seats and 55 restaurant staff. The mouth-watering highlight of the menu, the volaille de Bresse, consists of boneless, free-range chicken specially raised in Burgundy. Before booking your flight to Paris, be warned: The restaurant is closed for a month each summer and in the days leading up to Christmas. The third spot is secured by London: Gordon Ramsay: $183 – British chef Gordon Ramsay opened his first eponymous restaurant in 1998. Although he introduced a second more recently at Claridge’s, the Royal Hospital Road location remains the preferred watering hole for discerning diners. The restaurant has only 13 tables–and just five that seat two–and takes bookings exactly two calendar months in advance. The rest of the list rolls as- Munich: Acquarello: $125
Rome: Alberto Ciarla: $113
Toronto: Sushi Kaji:$109
Montreal: Queue de Cheval Steak House: $85
Madrid: El Amparo: $70
Milan: Boeucc: $62

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