World’s most expensive straw is made of Titanium

This could easily be the world’s most expensive straw. The Titanium Straw is all of $15 and is even reusable! It doesn’t bend (yes, titanium and all), and it needs to be washed each time. Now you may wonder that it may have some diverse effect on your system or whether it could burn down your esophagus, but if that were the case, we wouldn’t urge you to get a piece. It is strong yet light, in weight, that is. It can apparently cut through orange and fruits with lighter skin – dab and sip. It is made of food-grade titanium, making it tasteless, odorless, non-allergenic, and does not corrode. You can use it safely in a dishwasher as well. Soon we will come across solid gold or platinum straws bejeweled with precious stones to sip opulently!


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