World’s Most Expensive Wool

The weather is getting nastier and covering yourself in layers of woolens can help to keep you warm to a certain extent. Talking of woolens, can you take a guess at which is the world’s most expensive wool? Before you google to find the correct answer, let me tell you that it is vicuña’s coat that is believed to yield the World’s Most Expensive Wool. Vicuña, a South American relative of the llama and the alpaca, is sought-after because it’s the finest wool in the world and, more importantly, because of its warmth. The expensive wool’s tiny scales interlock, trapping insulating air to keep its wearer warm. The wool is usually left its natural color because it’s very sensitive to chemical treatment.

A yard of this high-priced wool ranges from $1,800-3,000. And if we have to compare it with what we consider pricey, then a yard of merino wool is tagged at $50 and cashmere for $100.

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