Would you dare to hang off a cliff and for a bizarre picture with your beau?

Adventure runs in our blood. But, we too would think twice before risking our lives for a mere picture. Or that’s what we thought when we came across Marcella Rangel De Cunha and her fiancé Luiz Fernando Candeia’s daring snaps on the Internet! In a series of holiday pictures posted by the couple, one can see Marcella gregariously hanging off a cliff while her partner supports her with nothing but one hand.

While eye-popping posts like these can earn you a million insta views, they run a big risk on your safety, if it’s a real valley you plan to sway on! However, in this case, it’s only a product of smart camera angles and few quirky heads’ demand for the crazy! The viral posts are taken at ‘The Pedra do Telegrafo’ in Brazil and are achieved through a specific camera angle that creates an optical illusion of a deep cliff when is reality, the posers are only hanging off a rock with a large plateau just beneath it!

Candeia, who works as an administrator at an eco-tourism company opines, “When you position the camera at the correct angle, the rock looks like an abyss” (Though it indeed isn’t). This unique spot at the The Pedra do Telegrafo’ has surely turned into a haven for tourists in Brazil! Would you too fancy hanging off it for a picture?

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