Yamaha plans gold golf clubs exclusively for China

Golf is regarded to be the game of the rich and famous but the sport can get more opulent when it is played with gold putters, balls and tees. Well-heeled golfers in China can look forward to a dazzling season ahead as Yamaha has planned to launch gold-plated golf clubs only for China. For about 110,000 yuan ($17,000) a pair, it will roll out two clubs, a driver and an iron sporting gold-colored heads. The clubs with the Impres X brand will be available at about 10 stores in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities this month.

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The high-end clubs, stamped with the company’s Impres X brand, are vastly different from what is on offer in Japan, where the most expensive set of clubs costs Y700 000 ($9005). Yamaha hopes the made-for-China gold-painted golf clubs will help establish itself as a high-end golf brand in China.‘

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