Bow-Wow Deli in Mexico Caters To Your Darlings

‘If it’s good enough for humans then it’s good enough for dogs.’ But dogs definitely don’t get to enjoy a cup of gourmet coffee to cap off a night! However, dogs in Mexico can look forward to dining out with their owners. The Bow-Wow Deli in Mexico City obviously gets what the rest of us have been missing. The café caters to dogs with taste, offering coffees and teas as well as such fineries as homemade ostrich liver biscuits and cakes with mashed-potato icing. You’d be lickin’ your lips too if you got to eat ostrich liver biscuits. But it’s not only the food that is chic. Bow-Wow decorates with only the best, whether it’s the $100 hand-woven dog collars or rhinestone leashes adorning the walls.

The founder is Miki Nakai, who comes from Japan, a land where cafes for dogs is apparently quite passé. The café does serve treats for humans also (couldn’t let your stomach growl with hunger)! It’s proved popular with the hi-society of Mexico as buying your dog specialty cakes and treats cost a working day’s wage in the country. As some clients may have a pedigree and others of a lesser noble lineage, the rules apply to all — no leash, no service. Brawling and excessive barking prohibited. This concept foments a new canine culture, where people see their dogs as members of the family, not just pets that they have to leave at home or in the car whenever they go out.

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