Bubble Gold and Bubble Silver are pimped out pet beds

Lavishness and opulence are no more restricted to humans only. In fact these days we have a stiff competition from none other then our very own pets. These days if you’ve got wealth and panache, then not only you but your mutt ought to be au fait. So here’s a flamboyant bed for your darling from B.pet. The folks at pupstyle bought these Gold and Silver Bubbles to our notice. Both pet beds are glazed from the outside and polished from the inside. Bejeweled with Swarovski crystals and laced with 24 karat gold all over along with 100% silk fabric, only 99 Bubble Gold pet beds will be available worldwide.

The Bubble Silver is also an elegant pet bed in silver Perspex with double light effect. This one too is glazed on outside and polished on inside with Swarovski crystals. No clue about the availability or pricing of the Midas touched version but the Bubble Silver can house your pooch for $350.

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