Cat Solo- a classy glassy cat house

Cat solo is ergonomic, blissfully minimalist and yet provides a warm sleeping area that’s so much cozier than an open basket. This is the first cat house made entirely of hand blown glass. It is so contemporary and funky; it’ll go well as a cat bed and art in one. The transparency of the glass allows the cat to feel secure and always be aware of its surroundings. What a great unusual shape for a cat bed, but nevertheless, the cat will love and it’s very easy to clean, simply wipe and dry it. Don’t forget the sheepskin thrown at the bottom that provides the warmth. It provides the perfect cocoon for your cat.

Cat Solo is available in transparent red and transparent smoke for $2,400. Additional customized colors are also available to suit your taste. Exceptionally trendy, for people who love their pet and their home décor, this high-end pet designer bed will stand out in a room and won’t fail to impress!

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