eiCrates by Peter Pracilio: Designer crates for your darling pets

Now here is some great news for dog and cat owners. Instead of housing your beloved pets in claustrophobic jail-like crates now, you can pamper them silly with these beautiful designer eiCrates. Designed by Peter Pracilio and made from powder-coated steel wire, these crates are the perfect place to house your pets when you have guests or are in the process of training your little pup. The designer crate is so beautiful that it will look like another stunning piece of décor in your luxurious home if you place it indoors. Each crate is handmade, easy to clean, and has two secure locks and a removable leak-proof liner. And for those who like to spoil their pets a wee bit more than us common folks, there is also a limited edition 22.5k gold eiCrate available. These designer crates will definitely help you make an impression at dog shows and other events.

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A designer abode for your beloved pets, the eiCrate retails for $500 while the gold edition will cost you an additional $120. Available in a variety of colors, the eiCrate measures 36″W x 34″L x 24.5″H in size and is ideal for pets weighing between 4 – 40 lbs. You can purchase the eiCrate here.

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