Fish Pod for your aquatic pets

Everything right from the clothes we wear to the furniture we use to décor our houses, the watches we adorn our wrists to the pet beds we give our pets to snooze on; it’s the hottest trend to be bizarre and unique in our concept. So why spare the aquatic pets too! Let them also get a taste of avant-garde style. Designer Benjamin Graindorge’s Fish Pod is the latest abode you can give to your fishes. Instead of creating a traditional interior terrain out of the rock, the aquarium’s transparent plastic sides are pushed into the inside in the shape of ridges and mountains, giving the outside a distinctive shape. You won’t need to buy those teeny weeny mountains and bridges to five your fish an aquatic touch.

Graindorge was one of many designers exhibiting at the first international design festival / competition designPARADE (en francais) at Villa Noailles in France. Instead of filling empty table spaces with another crystal piece, display an aquatic environment with a touch a distinction.

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