From private jet trips to being wrapped in Hermes scarves – Here is how the celebrity influencer dogs keep company with Kendall Jenner, Marc Jacobs and Hailey Bieber

Pampered pooches: From left to right, Bryan Boy’s Bettina, Marc Jacobs’ Neville and Heart Evangelista’s Panda. Photos: @bettinabuffe; @nevillejacobs; @iamhearte/Instagram

The pandemic might be a tough time for the world’s “hoomans”, but let’s be honest, our four-legged friends are having a ball. If you think your dog has a better life now that you’re around all the time #WFH, then consider these ultra-spoiled pooches, whose famous designer and influencer parents have been helping them live their very best lives during Covid-19.

In fact, these adorable creatures seem to have spent the last few months enjoying private pampering sessions, stepping out in glamorous outfits and being treated like kings and queens even more than usual. We’re not jealous at all.

Photo: @bettinabuffe/Instagram

Bryan Boy’s Bettina
If you thought flying first class with Filipino fashion influencer Bryan Boy was already rather extravagant for a dog, then wait until you hear what else Bettina Buffé the Swedish miniature pinscher (@bettinabuffe) gets up to. That’s right, this little lady stays in the Ritz Paris goes on set with her owner, sleeps swaddled in a Loewe blanket and owns a personalised, monogrammed Louis Vuitton Keepall bag.

Via Instagram / @bryanboy

Photo: @jacquemus/Instagram

Jacquemus’ Toutou
French fashion designer Simon Porte Jacquemus recently adopted a dog called Toutou, and the unusually coloured mutt has already garnered an impressive 42,000 followers on Instagram (@mynameistoutou). It’s not hard to see why though: this tiny dachshund has long floppy ears and blue, puppy dog eyes to die for. So, what are the perks of having an ultra-hip French owner? He’ll take you on regular walks in the French countryside, bring you to work on his motorbike, and let you pad around Jacquemus’ headquarters in Paris as if you own the place.

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Via Instagram / @jacquemus

Photo: @nevillejacobs/Instagram

Marc Jacob’s Neville
While you may fly economy or business class, Marc Jacob’s dog Neville (@nevillejacobs) travels by private jet. That’s just the luck of the draw, it seems. What’s more, this celebrity dog with 198,000 Insta followers regularly hangs out with Hollywood celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber and Kaia Gerber. It’s likely Neville takes all this in his stride of course, as he spends a lot of time on business calls and in fittings with Jacobs. When the fashion world offers some respite, he spends his time in his dad Marc and partner Char Defrancesco’s villa, sunbathing with the best of them.

Via Instagram / @nevillejacobs

Photo: @matildaferragni/Instagram

Chiara Ferragni’s Matilda
At the grand old age of 10, Italian fashion influencer Chiara Ferragni’s French bulldog Matilda (@matildaferragni) has managed to accumulate a respectable 389,000 followers on Instagram, and has an estimated net worth of US$8 million. Witnessing her mum’s rise from blogger to entrepreneur to designer over the years, Matilda has reaped the rewards of Ferragni’s success. Not only did she have the privilege of featuring in a Fendi Peekaboo bag campaign alongside her mum before the pandemic, but she currently lives in a Milan penthouse designed by renowned Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid. Whenever Chiara has the time, she brings Matilda on holiday with her on – what else – a private plane.

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Via Instagram / @matildaferragni

Photo: Instagram @iamhearte

Heart Evangelista’s Panda
If we have to pick the luckiest dog on earth, Filipino actress Heart Evangelista’s pup Panda might just be it. Given that Panda’s mother is also the first lady of the province of Sorsogon, it’s no surprise that she splashes out on US$850 Hermes scarves, wraps you up in a US$1,000 Hermes blanket, and dresses you in a parade of stylish outfits. Evangelista is a true dog-lover, dedicating much of her spare time to helping animal welfare charities.

Via Instagram / @iamhearte

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