Pink Chaise Longue Dog Bed from Lila Paws

Today’s urban pets, I discover, are true fashion animals, indulging in almost all forms of luxury goods from cat-walk clothing to bespoke furniture. People who have beautiful homes don’t want to sit their lovely dogs on some horrible old beanbag shoved in a corner! Enter a pet shop and what do I find in the furnishing department? An all-British, product on display in Selfridges is a pink plush chaise longue by south London pet furnishers, Lila Paws. Having found its way into many a celebrity boudoir, this elegantly cute pink bed is covered in deep buttoned corduroy, featuring a removable, washable base cushion and reclining gracefully on Queen Anne legs. Tell them your pet’s name, and they’ll personalize the bone-shaped pillow just for your best friend!

The Pink Panther chaise longue with pipe-edged corduroy upholstery retails at £335 ($535) for a small. Sizes of Beds- Small: 600mm x 420mm; Medium: 780mm x 540mm; Large: 1080mm x700mm.

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