Samurai dog armor – even the dogs needed fancy protection then

We have earlier buzzed that lately Japanese folks have been indulging their pets in extended opulence. But we were wrong. This trend of pampering and protecting our best friends has been going in Japan since decades ago. Take a look at this authentic suit of dog armor that is about 200 years old. It is believed that this set was made from a dog belonging to a very senior samurai, possibly a daimyou, who apparently was extremely found of this canine companion. Supposed to be crafted in Japan between 1800 and 1850, this armor is distinctive as it its materials include chanfron armor, doeskin leather, silk brocade, a hand-carved wooden mask and gold leaf.

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If you are planning to buy it for your mutt then sadly it ain’t on sale as it was recently sold to a British museum.
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