The Cat Cocoon

Curiosity won’t kill this cat! Cat lover and the cool cats are going to adore this cocoon. The magic of turning layered corrugated cardboard into a home for your cat is simply too good to resist. A perfect retreat for your cat, it also doubles up as a scratch post. Let your cat claw away to glory on the outer shell, the cardboard is great for sharpening their claws. With clever playful holes bored into it, the cocoon thoroughly spoils your kitty. She is going to enjoy this cocoon so much that she will probably forget that you exist! The entire piece is thick enough as well to last for a very long time. It is heavy duty and durable for the toughest cat use.

The Cat Cocoon is a multipurpose piece of art. It is a lounger, a scratching pod, a playhouse, a secured hiding place, and a piece of sculpture in your home. Get it for your kitty, priced at $279.00

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