World’s Most Pampered Dog spends $15,000 a month

Gone are the days when owners tied their Rover to a tree overnight with a bowl of water and a Milk-Bone. Its designer brands, diamond jewelry, lunch at posh clubs, and lavish lifestyle that makes a dog’s life these days. Thank god, my pet dogs cannot read and so they will never come across this bit for pampered news. Or else they’d sue me for not offering them even a fraction of all these luxurious comforts that Conchita (a Chihuahua known to her family as The Boss) is getting. Conchita’s owner, socialite Gail Posner, is the daughter of a billionaire businessman, spends £7,000 a month on Louis Vuitton bags, bikinis, pearls, dresses, and make-up for her. She has her own special pink racing car bed, bathroom and TV, and lunches daily on the fresh grilled chicken breast at the exclusive Shore Club in Miami.

At dinner time she snubs Ms. Posner’s two other dogs and eats on a king’s chair in the TV room away from them. And the posh pooch refuses to go to bed until she is wearing either her blue or pink cashmere sweater. With weekly manicures, her own minder, and publicist, this one-year-old 500g (1lb) Chihuahua is living the dog life equivalent of Paris Hilton’s existence. Ouch, did that hurt Paris’s ego? Conchita is also gearing up for US TV chat show appearances!

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