Check out the $2 million floating luxury homes that can withstand a category 4 hurricane

Oceanfront homes are losing popularity as the threat of rising sea levels and climate change becomes very real, but some companies remain unafraid of the ocean. A Floridian company known as Arkup has conceptualized a home that will actually hover over the ocean on hydraulic legs. The home is 4,350 square-foot solar-powered structure and is capable of collecting rainwater to meet the residents’ freshwater needs.

The home’s four bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and laundry room are all outfitted with high-end finishes and floor-to-ceiling windows which offer the kind of views most people only dream of.

According to Arkup’s website, this floating home offers enviable mobility. “You can lie at anchor in a marina or a bay. You can cruise silently in waterways, bays or open sea. You are free to move your home as you want,” says the site.

But views aren’t the only thing on offer. The house has been built to withstand a category 4 hurricane.

The hydraulic legs can lift the home above the waves, in case you are sea sick or desire a bit of stability.

It wouldn’t be a luxury home without some plush extras so communications like 4G, satellite TV, Wi-Fi, and VHF radio are available with a 1000 kWh lithium battery as a backup power source. These unorthodox floating homes are also customizable.

[Learn more: Arkup]

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