Most expensive Manhattan mansion resells for a discounted price

When you hear an investor invested into an investment, you would think that he would have calculated well and thought a few miles ahead for good returns. So when we hear of J Christopher Flowers reselling his $53 million Harkness mansion for $36.5 million, you would think – ‘huh’? The mansion, considered to be the most expensive one in Manhattan when it was bought in 2006, has been grabbed by art dealer and gallery owner Larry Gagosian. Apparently, Flowers has wanted to sell his mansion earlier. However, it always attracted buyers quoting a lesser price than what he paid but more than 36.5. Luck may have it, and he eventually settled for Larry’s quote, and the deal struck. Apparently, the place still needs a lot of renovation, so we are not quite sure what kind of a win-lose situation this is.

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