Pristine Little Pipe Cay Island, spotted in Johnny Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean, is listed on the market for $100 million. Located in the Bahamas, this seaside paradise features a sprawling main house, spa, infinity pool, and manicured lawns, making it perfect for a billionaire.

The island life- is there anything more idyllic, aspirational, and escapist? There is a chance to make this fleeting fantasy a permanent reality as Little Pipe Cay, situated in the Bahamas, is on the market for $100 million. Nestled within the Exumas archipelago in the Bahamas, the 40-acre paradise is neighbors with celebrities like Johnny Depp, Tyler Perry, and David Copperfield. Let’s explore the details below-

The feeling of deja vu youre experiencing on glimpsing the exotic Caribbean island is because Little Pipe Cay has been spotted in high-profile films like Pirates of the Caribbean and Casino Royale.

Surrounding the 5,300 square feet primary residence is a helipad, a seaplane dock, and a deep-water dock for superyachts of the wealthy owners.

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Little Pipe Cay is entirely private, with five residences and sea creatures such as dolphins and sea turtles for company. The crystal-clear waters are indeed breathtaking.

The residence comprises a main house with four guest houses. In total, there are 11 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms on the island.

From an Olympic-sized infinity pool to manicured gardens and a private gym and spa, the house is spectacular and has a full staff to care for the phenomenal property.

Deep draft dock, boats, and watersports equipment like jet skis and kayaks help enjoy this seaside paradise to the T.

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“The pandemic years, along with political uncertainty on the global stage, have redefined how people value their privacy and well-being. Luxury is enjoying the greatest possible level of seclusion. The appeal of owning a private island can be put down to being able to move around with complete freedom, to enjoy the utter peace and tranquility, and to have full control over a substantial piece of one’s own land. Little Pipe Cay really is the epitome of private island living,” said Colin Lightbourn of Engel & Völkers.

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