The 10 most expensive homes in California

California is one of the most crowded states in United States of America. The location of this state is just perfect for the warm weather and of course the beautiful beaches. The state of California is gorgeous regarding culture, landscape, the economy as well as industry. California is the best state to settle down. Los Angeles or popularly known as LA is probably the most famous city after New York in the United States of America. Finding luxury homes in Los Angeles is a gift, and the citizens consider it so. The reason is many celebrities, and popular people have their residence in this city. The most expensive homes in California are found in this town. Let us have a look at the ten most expensive homes in California.

Le Belv~d~re
Le Belv~d~re is one of the most expensive homes in California, which is located at 630 Nimes Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90077. This is a grand palace, which has ten bedrooms and fourteen bathrooms. The Le Belv~d~reis spread over an extensive area, which is 35,378sqft and has beautiful gardens with magnificent fountains. This home is a Chateau, which is inspired by the French style. This palace has a breathtaking wine cellar, which can hold 5000 bottles of wine. This French Villa has fourteen fireplaces, a grand ballroom and also a gym. The cost of this beautiful dream palace is $85,000,000 only.

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The Dorothy Chandler Estate
One of the most lavish homes is The Dorothy Chandler Estate which cost $50,000,000. This grand mansion has served as a home for many Presidents of the USA. This home has six luxurious bedrooms and eight bathrooms. The architecture of this mansion is said to be classic American design, and thus it is claimed to be a famous historical monument. This mansion is anancient mansion which was built in the year 1913. The address for this old home would be 455 Lorraine Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90020.

9719 Heather Rd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
It is spotted right in the middle of the city and thus provides majestic views of the Beverly Hills city as well as the view of the mountains. The home has five bedrooms, eight bathrooms and it is spreaded over an area of around four acres. The cost of this mansion is $35,000,000.

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Beverly Hills Villa
The Beverly Hills Villa just completed its construction in the year 2017. This Villa is situated in the mountains and is a modern home which features modern architecture. This mansion has 6 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. This mansionis spread over an extensive area of 17,000sqft. The bedrooms are large with high ceilings. There is also a wood paneled library which is the highlight of this home. The cost of this house is $34,995,000 only.

1174 N Hillcrest Rd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
This Villa was the home of one of the most iconic singers of all time Elvis Presley, and thus no doubt is one of the most expensive homes in California. Situated amidst the mountains, this villa has three bedrooms and five bathrooms. The villa is located amidst nature and has an abundant supply of natural light. This beautiful French residency costs $30,000,000.

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