We review the Maserati Gran Cabrio Sport and boy she is Drop dead gorgeous

To be honest, I can’t take my eyes off her. The Maserati GranCabrio Sport that I’m looking at is such a sexy car. I can’t decide what I like most about her. Is it the eye-catching interplay of lines, with each line perfectly flowing into each other? Or the impressive exhausts which provide a hysterical roar? Or maybe the clear blue calipers situated in the black rims that make her so irresistible?

This is the first official four-seater convertible Maserati release. And although the legroom in most convertibles is of ‘leg cutting-quality’, my legs have enough space here. This is mainly due to the length of the GranCabrio Sport. With a length of almost five meters she is a big car. To compare: a Mercedes E-Class is 20 cm shorter. However, the funny thing is that she doesn’t look like a heavy weight; she seems to be rather slim. But beware when parallel parking, a mistake is easily made, and damaging a Maserati is not on my bucket list.

I can’t take my eyes off her. The Maserati GranCabrio Sport is such a sexy car.

The seats are upright and straight, which limits the headroom for tall people when the top is closed. With the top open, it is no problem of course. However, when going full throttle on the highway, my lipstick is almost flying off my lips due to the amount of wind, which is blowing into the back. While sitting in the front, my carefully styled hair almost survives. But hey, a convertible isn’t made for speeding all the time, it is meant to cruise along the boulevard, terraces, and shops. Watch out with shopping, because in the trunk, there is just enough space to squeeze in three shoe boxes and a small shopping bag. This makes sense because the canvas convertible top must be stored somewhere of course.

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maserati-gran-cabrio-sport-review-3Perfect outfit
Shapely gray leather seats with blue stitching, blue calipers, and a blue canvas roof match as a perfectly selected outfit with the gray color of the GranCabrio Sport itself. Maserati offers many color combos, so mix and match to your likings with a new one. The leather feels soft and smells good; it sits comfortably too. I only miss some leather on the dashboard that’s made of plastic… The steering wheel is nice and flattened at the bottom, and the paddle shifters are like the size of Dumbo’s ears, huge! However, this has the advantage that I can also switch gears when the steering wheel isn’t straight.

maserati-gran-cabrio-sport-review-2Knowledgeable older lady
The first model of the GranCabrio Sport was produced in 2010 and this makes her four years today. That is evident in the interior and gadgets in the car. Gadgets? There aren’t any. There is no rearview camera, the navigation system is outdated, and the buttons on the dashboard really need an update. I couldn’t find a USB connection anywhere. It is like an elderly lady who had a ridiculously good facelift. She looks stunning from the outside, but she’s an older lady on the inside.

Maserati has some real magicians working. The engine sound is fan-tas-tic!

However, she’s a knowledgeable older lady, Because she knows how to work it. The engine is a 4.7-liter V8 engine with 454 hp. The effect: a sprint from 0 till 60 mph takes five seconds. The damping of the car automatically adjusts thanks to a sophisticated system called Skyhook, which increases the driving comfort and makes her float on the asphalt as a ballerina. The steering is light but with a weight of almost 2000 kg, she is a bit on the heavy side. This heaviness really shows when rapidly turning and tight cornering on back roads. But, as said, she is a cruiser and not a race track animal. The Maserati GranCabrio Sport is only available with a semi-automatic transmission. I would recommend the self-shifting mode, especially in the Sport mode.

Press that Sport button! This will make her transform from a ballerina into a tango dancer.

She becomes ardently, more responsive to the throttle, her movements become more direct, and the passion finds its way through the exhausts.

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And passionate she is!
Even when the rain is pouring, I would still drive the GranCabrio Sport with an open hood. Every time I accelerate, I see people almost dislocate their necks to get a glimpse of her. Even Bob the Builder with a chisel won’t get that smile of my face. .That is one of the strongest weapons of this roaring four-seat convertible, the FUN factor. The price isn’t, because with prices starting from $ 204.000 she is really expensive. But how beautiful and sexy is she? And have I already mentioned the amazing and addictive engine sound? She is forgiven. This Italian lady embodies emotion. And driving her gives such a special happy feeling that she somehow is worth the money.

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