The comforting kickback treatment at the Ritz Carlton, DIFC Spa

“First we make the world revolve around you. Then we gently slow it down.” That’s quite an accurate assessment, I’d say, of how it played out at the Ritz-Carlton Spa at the Dubai International Finance Center. Spas are already known to cause a heightened sense of elation, surfacing from a relaxing massage treatment. The idea of “relaxation” was all the more flagrant amidst such a definite commercial setting. To know that I could experience a calm right in the center of this gave it all the more meaning. Not every day does one find an oasis amidst the chaos of our everyday existence. At the Ritz-Carlton Spa, DIFC, there are 13 treatment rooms, including couples’ suites, separate ladies’ and gentlemen’s relaxation lounges and steam rooms, and indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

I had picked the Kickback treatment, a 110-minute treatment offering a 60-minute bespoke or aromatherapy facial and a 50-minute massage. I went for bespoke along with the deep impact massage. My therapist was Angelo, who took me to the treatment room a quaint, aromatic abode with diffused dim lighting and soft music. Once there, I was offered a concoction crafted by the spa’s juice sommelier. It is especially exciting to see a spa with its own bar with six unique juices and corresponding spa treatments to enjoy a holistic well-being experience that nourishes on the inside, as well as the outside.

My skin was analyzed for the facial, and suitable products were picked from the luxurious Natura Bissé line. I mentioned to Angelo about preferring a medium intensity and my back being a primary spot of focus. He then elaborated on his technique, explaining that the massage is to loosen up muscles and release tension. Using his elbows and lower arms, he began massaging the pressure points on my calves, lower back, and shoulders. A gel was applied to my forehead and cheeks and left long enough to permeate the skin before removing it using a soft exfoliator. A warm towel was then used to open and cleanse the pores.

The massage was underway, with the gel-towel process repeating thrice, and in response, all I had was instant submission. I submitted to a peace that pulsated through my limbs like electric energy. The therapeutic scents combined with the rhythmic treatment only added to this sensation. The feeling was further enhanced by a cooling face pack, designed to soothe and rejuvenate the skin and ended with final skin toning elements.

I could see why the place had become popular for its recharge and jet lag recovery packages among business travelers. I basked in the richness of my quilted robe for the last few moments that I could savor. That done, I bid adieu! I took my last refreshing gulp of juice and made my way back out of the candle-strewn private treatment room, through the spa’s sprawling corridor, and on to the hotel’s lush marble opulence, harboring all hopes to return soon.

Kickback spa package – AED 875 ($ 240)

The address –
Ritz-Carlton Spa, DIFC,
PO Box 482032,
Gate Village,
DIFC, Dubai United Arab Emirates,
Phone: 971 4 372 2777

The Luxe factor is

9 Ambience
8 Treatment
9 Products Used
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