2007 BMW M5 overrules the Previous Model

Speed and flexibility make BMW’s M5 the world’s most potent performance sedan. BMW has just revealed authorized information on the 2007 M5, which secures a number of fresh features for the 2007 model year. The car will be offered with an optional six-speed manual transmission, a tire pressure monitor to alert the driver to loss of tire pressure, and a Real-Time Traffic Information system. In the previous M5, 6-speed manual option is controlled by a stylish shift knob with an illuminated pattern and M logo.

A dual-mass, hydraulically damped flywheel between engine and clutch is specially tuned to the 10-cylinder engine’s power pulses. The primary clutch plate is made of forged steel for high strength. The clutch too is self-adjusting, maintaining consistent pedal forces over the life of the clutch. Learning the M5’s nuances, the ins, and outs of its various systems, and its ridiculous number of adjustments is a serious task. And it comes with a serious price. A new base price of $83,195 includes destination and handling charges. However, the 6-speed manual transmission will be available as a no-extra-charge option.

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